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We are a Nationally & Internationally Recognized Personal Training Certification Agency that provides the latest up to date
exercise information on healthy lifestyle living.  Natural Body Man educates our trainers using valid & reliable scientific tested
approaches that are most appropriate for a real world setting.  

Understanding how to prescribe a proper exercise and nutritional prescription for the specific individual you are working with is
one of our many passions. We equip our fitness professionals with the kind of education that is priceless. If you are serious
about changing people's lives, and are ready for using proven superior methods, then look no further, and begin your journey
today, with Natural Body Man.   Have questions,
Contact Us.    

To empower world-class leadership using simple effective holistic strategies & systems for Practical Education in the Global
Personal Training & Fitness Industry.  We are committed to such high standards because it enhances the quality of human life

Creating Holistic Leadership in Practical Education & Empowerment for Personal Training & related Specializations.

1 - We holistically lead our trainers to share the Best Quality of instruction.
2 - We are stronger together sharing our holistic approach to the world.
3 - We are a team.  We work together to deliver the Best Client experience anywhere.
4 - We always provide 1st class service.
5 - We like to have Fun, creating Natural Body Trainers through personal development.
6 - We enroll happy positive energy students.  
7 - We practice instructional training that minimizes the chance of injury.
8 - We encourage natural organic food sources.
9 - We love ANTS!
  A - Advantage
  N - Nutrient
  T - Timing
  S - Supplementation
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2234 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 491
Boca Raton, FL 33431
ph: 954.304.3922

"The Holistic Leader in Practical Education for Personal Training"
President Christopher Carr

Professional Personal Trainer & Public Speaker over 15 years
Trained 1,000's of clients including:  Professional Super Star Athletes, Amateur Competitors, Elite Business Professionals,
Seniors, Overweight & Obese Populations, Youth Camps, MMA competitors, average folks, etc...

Creator of
Natural Body Beach Workout  "Boot Camp for Champs"  - 2006 to Present
Natural Body Man - 2002 to Present
Natural Healthy People "Healthy Habits Training" - 2007 to Present
Public Speaker - 2001 to Present
Hollywood Weight Loss Fun Beach Camp
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Master's Degree - Strength & Conditioning (FAU)
Bachelor's Degree - Exercise Science & Healthy Wellness Promotion (FAU)

Licensed & Certified in
Natural Body Man Master Trainer - N.B.M. &  CPR/AED/First Aid
10+ Certifications in Exercise Discipline

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