Advanced Personal Trainer Package


The N.B.P.T. Personal Trainer Package includes:  The text-book & 150
question exam.   The exam includes 130 multiple choice & T/F, along with 20
essay questions.  In order to pass the N.B.P.T. exam, one must score 70% or
higher.   Essay questions are 3 points and all other questions are 1 point.  

There is a $25 shipping & handling fee.  Once you have received the N.B.P.T.
package, you have 6 months take the exam and have it shipped back to the    
N.B.P.T.  All fees are collected up front, before package is shipped.  Workshop
classes are for 3 weeks:  4 days per week/4-6 hours per day (for those who
enroll in our workshop).

For faster processing, email your answer sheets to  For multiple choice & true/false questions, use
a scan-tron or 1 sheet of paper to write all your numbers & answers.  For
essay questions write answers on a separate sheets of paper.

The content covered includes but is not limited to:  

The Exercise Training Lifestyle
Exercise Physiology
Cardio-Pulmonary Health
Program Design
Exercise Movements
Nutritional Recommendations
Psychology & Character
Personal Training Secrets
N.B.T. Fitness Forms


The prerequisites are to have an active personal trainer certification for a
minimum of 1 year and to have 1 year of personal training experience in order
to take the Advanced Personal Trainer Package through N.B.M.
Once passed the exam, you should become certified in C.P.R.  Being certified
in First Aid & AED are also highly recommended.

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