Basic Personal Trainer Package


The N.B.P.T. Personal Trainer Package includes:  The text-book & 100
question exam.   The exam includes 90 multiple choice & T/F, along with 10
essay questions.  In order to pass the N.B.T. exam, one must score 70% or
higher.   Essay questions are 3 points and all other questions are 1 point.

Once you have received the N.B.P.T. package, you have 6 months take the
exam and have it shipped back to the N.B.P.T.  All fees are collected up front,
before package is shipped.  Workshop classes are for 3 weeks:  4 days per
week/4-6 hours per day (for those who enroll in our workshop).

For faster processing, email your answer sheets to  For multiple choice & true/false questions, use
a scan-tron or 1 sheet of paper to write all your numbers & answers.  For
essay questions write answers on a separate sheets of paper.

The content covered includes but is not limited to:  

The Exercise Training Lifestyle
Exercise Physiology
Cardio-Pulmonary Health
Program Design
Exercise Movements
Nutritional Recommendations
Psychology & Character
Personal Training Secrets
N.B.T. Fitness Forms


There are no pre-requistes for the Basic Personal Trainer Package.
Once passed the exam,
it is recommended to become certified in C.P.R.  
Being certified in   First Aid & AED are also highly recommended.

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