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Strength Section:  A1 - A7 Descriptions

A1 - Top 6 Body-Fat Measuring Techniques
A2 - How to Design a Strength Training Program
A3 - WeightLifting Periodization in Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB)
A4 - The Muscle Gain Exercise Video
A5 - Five Factors of Muscle Gaining
A6 - The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training
A7 - Aquatic Rehabilitation & Conditioning Exercises

Energy Systems Section:  A8 - A10 Descriptions

A8 - Three Main Energy Systems Explanation
A9 - Understanding Muscle Contraction
A10 - Krebs Cycle & Electron Transport Chain

Cardiovascular Section:  A11 - A13 Descriptions

A11 - Cardiac Cycle
A12 - Blood Volume & Blood Pressure Explanation
A13 - PQRST Complex in Cardiac Cycle

Longevity of Life Section:  A14 - A21 Descriptions

A14 - Understanding COPD & Restrictive Lung Disease
A15 - How Brain Cells Communicate
A16 - The Acid Base Balance
A17 - Overview of Healthy Living for Seniors
A18 - Prevention of Dementia
A19 - Prevention of Getting Old & Weak
A20 - The Importance of Carbohydrates
A21 - The Side Effects of Not Eating Enough Carbohydrates

Hormonal Section:  A22 - A25 Descriptions

A22 - The Effects of Lactic Acid Following Exercise
A23 - Long Term Effects on Cardiovascular Exercise on Releasing
Hormones - Catecholamines, Insulin, & Glucagon
A24 - The Long Term Effects of Endurance Training - Cardiorespiratory
A25 - Steriod & Non Steriod Hormone 2nd Messenger Actions

Miscellaneous Section:  A26 - A27 Descriptions

A26 - The 5 W's of Electromyography
A27 - The Metabolism & Ill Effects of Alcohol

E-Books Section:  B1 - B3 Descriptions

B1 - Exercise Prescription for Good Lookin' Phase
B2 - Basic Strength Phase
B3 - Basic Power Phase

Specialty Items:  C1 - C9 Descriptions

C1 - NaturalBodyMan's Top Workout - $145
C2 -
Lean Tone & Shape Ultimate Workout - Video - $35
C3 -
Lean Tone & Shape Nutrition - Video - $25
C4 -
Natural Muscle Gain Nutrition Shake - Video - $15
C5 -
SalsaLates - Video - $15
C6 -
Specific Types of NBT Workouts - E-Book - $10
C7 -
Specific Types of Set Trainings - E-Book - $20
C8 -
Different Types of Repetitions - E-Book - $10
C9 -
Suggestions on Performance Enhancers - E-Book - $35

Certification Itinerary

D1 - Natural Body Personal Training Manual
D2 - Basic Exam 1
D3 - Basic Exam 2
D4 - Basic Exam 3
D5 - Advanced Exam 1
D6 - Advanced Exam 2
D7 - Advanced Exam 3
D8 - Master Exam 1
D9 - Master Exam 2
D10 - Master Exam 3
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