Once you have passed the N.B.M. exam, your certification will be active for 3 years.  It is your responsibility to keep your
certification active before the 3 years expire.  

N.B.M. provides 2 basic options for renewing your certification.  You may obtain a new certification with N.B.M., thus
renewing all your previous certifications with the N.B.M. for 2 years.  The second option is to renew by taking a minimum of
12 continuing education units (C.E.U.'s) to renew all of your previous certifications with the N.B.M. for 1 year.  You may
obtain these C.E.U.'s through the N.B.M. online Exercise Science Library, videos (A1-A27).  The library contains educational
exercise science videos.  You will be quizzed on the content of each video watched.  Each video is normally 4 C.E.U.'s, thus,
in order to renew your certification for 1 year, one must watch 3 separate exercise videos and pass the quiz for each one,
with a score of 70% or higher.  If you do not pass the quiz, you may simply re-test at no extra fee.

If you have earned C.E.U.'s from a different fitness institution, you are allowed to use 4 outside C.E.U.'s, towards renewing
your certification with N.B.M.

If your outside institution is a college or university in the Exercise Science discipline or directly related field, then are allowed
to use 8 outside C.E.U.'s
towards renewing your certification with the N.B.M. on a yearly basis.

At Natural Body Man we know that our certified personal trainers are equipped with the practical hands on, and book-smart
knowledge, to be a leading authority in the health & wellness industry.  As you crusade through your personal trainer lifestyle
career we will do everything possible to help you succeed in your passion.  Educating, inspiring & motivating others is our
passion too.  

We are excited to have you on the Natural Body Team!

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