Natural Body Man
Personal Trainer of the Month - August 2017

"Kathy Faraldo"
9 Time Empire State Games Olympic Weightlifting Champion
2 Time Power Lifting World Champion

1RM's at 132lbs: Snatch - 165lbs, Clean & Jerk - 187 lbs, Squat - 369lbs,
Deadlift - 369lbs, & Bench Press - 209 lbs
Born:  October 17, 1959 in Brooklyn New York, lived in Long Island most of her life.

Hobbies:  Horse-Back Riding, Rollerskating, Roller-blading, & collecting seashells at the beach


9 Time Empire State Games Gold Medalist in Olympic Weightlifting
Through American Power-Lifting Federation (A.P.F.)
1990-1997 & 1999

2 Time Power Lifting World Champion (A.P.F.)

Career Highs at 132lbs:  Bench Press 209lbs, Squat 369lbs, Deadlift 369lbs, Snatch 165lbs, Clean & Jerk 187lbs

Certified with Natural Body Man since June 2013

Kathy's Biography:

I've worked in a gym since 1982 in overall fitness/strength.  In 1984 worked at Jack Lalane Health Clubs in Long Island.  Began
selling club memberships and became the club manager in 1987 - 1990.  Afterwards, I also worked at the Hollywood Health Spa
doing PT sales and personal training.  I worked in Bailey in 2001 - 2002 in South Florida.  From here I developed an upscale
clientele and have independently trained from 2002 - 2015 (Presently).  Currently my rate is $80 per hour and I make a good full-
time income training my clients, which I have retained for over 13 years.

I get a good sense of accomplishment helping m clients achieve their goals they are looking for.  I don't feel like I'm working at all
and love helping my clients by teaching them how to exercise properly. They thank me after their session and tell me how good
they feel now.  I get up at 4 a.m. and workout at 5:30 a.m., because I feel it's important for me to workout before I go to work….
walk the talk!

I love what I learned from the book…very inspirational the way it was written, outlined, and put together..wasn't confusing..very
informative!  Of all the certifications out there I recommend to get certified with Natural Body Man.  It's a professional and caring
organization.  They're not all about the money…, they really care about helping their students.