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Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification


This Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification package includes the
Performance Nutrition Textbook, N.B.M. Cheat Sheet & 100 question exam.   
The exam includes 100 questions that are multiple choice & T/F.  In order to
pass the N.B.T. exam, one must score 70% or higher.

There is a $25 shipping & handling fee.  Once you have received the
N.B.P.T. package, you have 2 months take the exam and have it shipped
back to the N.B.P.T.  All fees are collected up front, before package is

The Sports Nutrition Exam content to be tested upon includes but is not
limited to:  

Fluid Intake
Advantage Nutrient Timing
Nutrition Periodization
Performance Enhancing Natural Foods
Performance Enhancing Supplements
Competitive Day Nutrition
Strength Training Nutrition
Sports Nutrition Tips


There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the Advanced Sports Nutrition
Specialist Package.

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