Natural Body Man's Top Workout

By far the greatest bang for the buck, you will get the secrets of fitness & nutrition, that most
really fit people, don’t even know about and probably will never find out.  Includes a grand total
of 8 e-books & 2 videos.  The 3 main e-books and videos cover the Lean Tone & Shape
Workout, Lean, Tone, & Shape Nutrition, and the Master Key Plan.  This workout and nutrition
program is best to use when leaning, toning, and shaping the body.  The 5 bonus e-books
include:  Exercise Tips,  Precious Information, After Reaching the New You, Additional
Information, & Super Bonus – Hottest Nutritional Guidelines through the N.S.C.A.  
Estimated Value - $195  

Thank you for your confidence with Natural Body Trainer.  We look forward to you, being a
true professional in the fitness industry, training & educating your clients while making good
money all at the same time.     
Natural Body Trainer
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Lean Tone & Shape Nutrition
Lean Tone & Shape Ultimate Workout

1 -
Lean Tone & Shape Ultimate Workout
2 - Lean Tone & Shape Nutrition
3 - Master Key Plan
4 - Exercise Tips
5 - Precious Information
6 - After Reaching the New You
7 - Additional Information
8 - Hottest Nutritional Guidelines through the N.S.C.A.