Natural Body Man
Certified Personal Trainer Reviews
"My experience with Natural Body Man has been a life-changing
experience. I have always been a fitness-minded individual, and I
decided the next step would be to get educated on what I love!
Natural Body Man has not only educated me mentally but also
physically. This company has options for their students, where
they can practice group training "at the beach "(with Beach Boot
Camp's).  Who doesn't love the beach, the camps are not only full
of friendly people and exercise…. it's also a social gathering! We
put together events and to get to know awesome people! Most of
all we are helping people learn how to change their lifestyles to
become healthy and more active!  I found these workshop camps to
be incredibly resourceful.  

They gave me the encouragement and practice to step up and work
in a gym with my own clientele. I love what I do, it has been my
calling all along, and I owe it to Natural Body Man for being such a
great provider. I got certified with N.B.M. in April of 2014.   
Since being certified I've worked at You-Fit in South Florida and
now presently work at Blink Fitness in the Bronx, NY.  I love my

N.B.M. Personal Trainer  Nicole Todaro
"I love what I learned from the book…very inspirational the way it
was written, outlined, and put together..wasn't confusing..very

Of all the certifications out there I recommend to get certified
with Natural Body Man.  It's a professional and caring
organization.  They're not all about the money…, they really care
about helping their students."

9 Time Empire State Games Gold Medalist in Olympic
Through American Power-Lifting Federation
1990-1997 & 1999

2 Time Power Lifting World Champion (A.P.F.)

Career Highs at 132lbs:  Bench Press 209lbs, Squat 369lbs,
Deadlift 369lbs, Snatch 165lbs, Clean & Jerk 187lbs

N.B.M. Personal Trainer Kathy Faraldo since 2013